Infant Life Jacket Ultimate Purchasing Guide

What Is An Infant Life Jacket?

Infant life jacket which is commonly known as Personal Flotation Devices will ensure that your newborn can float in the water or even when he or she is out of the boat. It is type 2 of Personal Flotation Device which means that it is designed for those who are using it near to land or near-shore rescue. It is not as expensive or heavy if compared to Type 1 Personal Floatation Device which are used for emergency purposes.infant-life-jacket

A special features of this type 2 Personal Flotation Device is that it is build in such a way that it can hold a person upright with proper head and neck support. This is extremely important because newborns do not have enough muscles to support their own head yet.

There is a law in United States requires all children to wear personal floatation devices when they are on a moving boat. It is recommended for parents to test their infant life jacket first before using it. This is to ensure that they are secure to be exposed their baby in the water.

There are many users have one common question is that their babies cannot swim properly when they are wearing their life vest. This is actually one of the safety feature that comes with it. This is because the biggest danger is your baby is drowning in an outing near water.

The worst case scenario happened and your baby falls into the water,the jacket is able to lift his head out of it and face to the sky. Therefore, a good and safe life vest is that it should be designed in such a way that it is able to flip the baby onto his back automatically to prevent any dangerous incident to happen.

Which Infant Life Jacket To Buy?

In today’s market, there are so many different types of infant life jacket you can choose from. If you are confused which you should get, you should not be worry about it. This is because we have it all covered for you! Here is a list you can check to make sure you are buying the correct one.

1.Purchased a newborn life vest that is new. You do not want to buy a second-hand just because you want to save some extra money. It would not be worth it to risk your baby’s life just to be able to save a few dollars. Also,a personal device flotation that is expired can easily be damaged especially if it is constantly exposed to the sun and have been used for a long period of time. The inner foam of the life vest can be waterlogged and would become brittle if it is exposed to the sun for a long time.

2.Make sure that it is approved by US Coast Guard. To ensure that you are getting yourself the correct vest, make sure that it is USCG certified. If it is USCG certified, it means that it meets the standard requirements for a newborn personal device flotation. There is a USCG logo on the life vest which will ensure your baby’s safety when using it.

3.Get the right size for your infants. It must fit them properly for their safety. This is because it is not safe for them to be wearing something loose. It is the same as if they are not wearing the jacket at all. It is important to get the right fit instead of getting a slightly bigger size for your babies . Some parents may think that getting a slightly bigger size for their babies is a good idea because they will grow eventually. This is a wrong because you are risking your baby’s safety as it is useless if it is loose. There is a way to make sure that it is fit for them which is by lifting them by the shoulders. If it slips through the vest,it shows that it is too big for them.

4.Test the infant life jackets. It should be able let your baby to float in the right way. You can test the infant life jacket by having them to wear it on and gently put them on the water face down. You should able to tell whether it is working right or not. It is working properly if it can flip your baby immediately onto their back to keep their face out of the water. It is unsafe and if it does not happen.

5.Built-in safety features. For a good infant life jacket, there should be a few features that it should have.One of them is that it should have a crotch strap. This is because it can be used to secure your infant’s body tightly. Besides that, it has a flotation collar which is used to keep your infant’s head above the water. Also, the vest has a grab handle so that you can grab onto it to bring them out of the water in case of any accidental fall.

Infant Life Jacket Colors and Your Infant’s Safetyinfant-life-jacket-colors-and-your-infants-safety

Many did not realize how important┬áthe color of your baby’s vest is. It will be a waste of all the safety features if you cannot see where your baby’s vest is. You need to have a color that can catch your eyes at once, so that it is easier for you to locate him. Colors like shades of blue,and dull white colors,black and gray is a bad idea. This is because the colors fit too well with their surroundings. It is hard for anyone to detect it if you let the vest float on the water.Therefore, It is better to get a brighter-colored jackets because it can be easily detected.

There are still people who love to get blue vests even though it is hard to detect it when it is on the water. This is because it matches the overall scenery very well. It does looks good in pictures as it fits well with the surroundings. However, it is important for you to realize that you are able see them in the water than for your babies to look good in pictures or videos. This is because your baby’s safety always comes first.