Extra Wide Baby Gates:What You Must Know Before Purchasing It!

Frequently Asked Questions About Extra Wide Baby Gates

One of the most frequently asked questions about extra wide baby gates is when should buy it. Do you really need it? If your living area have a large opening or entryway, you need to get it to fit the extra wide openings.There are always circumstances that you need to get it especially for modern house with open floor plans which is around the width of 60″ to 72″ inches.extra wide baby gates

You will start to realize how dangerous your house can be for your infant to start crawling and then walking. There are so many dangerous things in your house. For example, your fireplaces,exterior doors, metal furniture,fragile decorations and the list goes on. Many parents will purchase and install it at various places in the house to prevent their infant from hurting him or herself. For example, it can be installed at the top and bottom of the stairs, or blocking the fireplace area.

Most importantly, it is installed to block dangerous places that your infant might crawl. Sometimes, parents used it to install them to secure play areas such as a play room without the need to close the door. Besides that, it can be used to keep your house pets away from your newborn. Therefore, here are the two things you need to make sure if you need one.

Two Important Things You Need To Consider If You Need Extra Wide Baby Gates

Before you decide to buy it, there are two important things you need to consider if you need extra wide baby gates which involve in measuring.

  1. The distance you need to cover. The first thing you need to do is to measure the area that you want to section off with it. You need to be as accurate as possible. This is because there is nothing worse than purchasing it and realize that it is too short to be installed. The standard sized is able to fit securely in a standard sized doorway which is about the width of 32 to 36 inches. If the area that you want to section off is wider than that, you will need to get an extra wide baby gates.
  2. The height of your baby. If you did not realize, the height of your infant plays an important role whether you need to buy it or not. You can simply take a quick measurement of your baby’s height while you are measuring your home. When you are choosing which gate you need, it should be at least three quarters of your baby’s height. This is because¬†they would not be able to pull him or herself over the gate of this height regardless of how adventurous they are. You do not have to worry,if your infant is tall for his or her age. This is because all you need is to get an extra tall one to ensure their safety.

Types Of Extra Wide Baby Gates

There are many types of extra wide baby gates that you can get. Here are the two most popular types that you can get.

1.Extra Wide Pressure Mounted Baby Gate

This is the most common one that is available in the market today. It works the same as a tension shower curtain rod as it is held in position with the help of pressure.



  1. It is very easy to install and take it down. One of the reason why they are so popular is because of how easy you can set it up. It only takes less than a minute to do so. It is the same as a tension shower rod which is held in position by pressure. If you need to move it from one place to another due to certain circumstances, this will solve the problem.
  2. You do not need to screw into the walls. Most of us do not want a hole in our wall just because we want to install it. If you do not want to screw it into your wall,getting this type of gate will most likely be suitable for you.
  3. Cheap. The price is very affordable for most people. It is generally cheaper if you compare it to the hardware mounted baby gate.
  4. More variety in styles. There are many styles that you can choose from. You do not have to be worry that you cannot find the right one for you.


  1. It can slip and fall under the weight of a newborn if it is not installed properly. This is one of the most common complaints by parents that it kept falling over. This is because the process of installation is done incorrectly. Therefore,if you follow the installation instructions and procedure in the correct order,it will work effectively and should not slip off that easily.
  2. It cannot hold up to a dog that is charging it. If your dog went insane mode and charge into it. There is a chance that it cannot hold up to it and topple.
  3. It is not suitable for dividing areas with difference in height such as stoops and stairs.
  4. It cannot be mounted between places like walls that sit at an angle.
  5. There will be rubber marks on your walls if it is installed in that particular position for a period of time. A solution to prevent it from leaving rubber marks on your wall is that you need an amazing device which is called the pressure gate wall saver. It is a furniture sliders with grip. If you use this from the beginning, you do not need to repaint your wall when it is time to take the gate down.

Extra Wide Hardware Mounted Baby Gatesextra-wide-hardware-mounted-baby-gates

Based on the name itself, you will know that it will be screw directly into your wall, door frame or balustrade to held them in place. It is supported by your house. Therefore, they are consider to be the most secure style of baby gate.

The place that you should installed it are places that can be dangerous for your baby. One of the most dangerous areas for your baby is around your fireplace or wood stove which can result in a serious injury.

All you need to know is to find the dangerous places in your house you do not want your baby to go and make sure you read and follow the instructions when you install it. Even if you think that you are handy, you still need to read the installation instructions before installing it. Otherwise you may damage your walls.


  1. It can support your infant’s weight without the worrying that it may slipped.
  2. It can hold up and difficult to topple over even by a large dog charging it. You do not have to worry if your dog charge into it. This is because it is very difficult for it to topple.
  3. It can easily be mounted between walls with angles.


  1. It can take some time to take it down. Therefore, you can take it down in a hurry.
  2. It is more complicated when it comes to installing compare to the pressure mounted ones.
  3. It leaves ugly holes in your walls because you need to drill holes to install it.

After you know both advantages and disadvantages, you can decide which extra wide baby gates you should go for.