Toddler Sleeping Bag: What You Need To Know.

Introduction To Toddler Sleeping Bag

A toddler sleeping bag is designed as a wearable blanket for babies instead of the traditional blankets. It is a vest which extends into a soft bag that your baby can sleep in. The sleeping bags can be fastened by using a zip. You can start using them when their baby is about a few weeks old.

Many parents get it because it has a neck opening and armholes that are worn by the baby. This helps them to stay at the right temperature while they are asleep without worrying about the blankets and sheets are kicked off.

If you are worrying that your toddler will kick off or tangled up the traditional blanket,getting a proper sleeping bag can be a life saver.

The popularity of toddler sleeping bag is increasing. This is because this is one of the way to ensure that your baby always stays warm throughout the night.

toddler sleeping bag

Advantages Of Toddler Sleeping Bag

1.More freedom to move. Not all babies like swaddling. At certain circumstances, swaddling can be necessary. It restricts your infant from moving which makes them uncomfortable. Therefore, this problem can be eliminated by using a sleeping bag.

2. You can put them on your baby without waking them up. You can simply slip on right over their clothes and zip it up the front which is very easy to be done.

3.It is very convenient. It does not take up much space when you need to pack them.

4. Your baby always stays warm. You do not need to constantly check to make sure that they are covered with the blankets.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome And Toddler Sleeping Bag

You can reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome by using a good toddler sleeping bag by preventing overheating from happening. Although there are not many research done to support this claim that it can prevent overheating but it has become more popular among new parents. This is because babies can sometimes be wriggly little things and a proper sleeping bag can help to stop them for covering their heads while sleeping.

Besides that, if your baby kick off their blanket while they are sleeping,it can cause a sudden change in temperature which would disturb a baby’s sleep.

Safety Information About Toddler Sleeping Bag

Countries such as France,Germany and Netherland have been using this as a safe form of bedding for more than twenty years. Sleeping bags have been included as one of its five bedtime basics by FSID to lessen the risk of cot death. Therefore,it is a safe alternative to traditional blankets.

However, you also need to follow this guidelines.

  1. Never use a sleeping bag with a duvet to lessen the risk of your toddler overheating.
  2. do not use sleeping bags that comes with a hood. There is a tendency that the hood will cover up your baby’s head which can be very dangerous. Therefore,it is advised by FSID that you keep your baby’s head uncovered to lessen the risk of cot death.
  3. You need to make sure that the neck and armholes of the sleeping bag fits well. This is because you do not want your toddler to slip down inside the bag.

Choosing The Right Toddler Sleeping Bag

In today’s market, there are so many different togs,thicknesses, and designed you can choose from. You want to get the right one for your baby but you do not know which is the one. Here are the guidelines you can follow when choosing one for your baby.

1.Your baby’s age. It is important to get the right size for your baby. This is crucial for them to be comfortable while sleeping. Some parents want to get a longer length of bag because they think that their babies would grow. You should not be put off by the extra length because there will be a kicking room for your baby and there is a tendency your baby can slip down inside. Different size bags are available on age ranges. A standard size sleeping bag and age ranges is something like this:

  • 0-6 months (from 8lb 8oz/4kg)
  • 6-18 months (from 18lb/8.1kg)
  • 18-36 months (from 25 lb/11.4 kg)

2.The tog you required. If you do not know what tog is, it is a measure of thermal resistance. A simple meaning for this is how warm a material is. Therefore,the higher the number, the warmer the bag is. The three tog ratings you can get for most sleeping bags available are:

  • 0.5 tog – for hot summer days and nights, and holidays in hot climates
  • 1 tog – warm summer months and daytime naps.
  • 2.5 tog – for all-year-round use, except hot summer nights.

You also can get tog-less sleeping bags if you want to use it throughout the year. It is usually made out of Merino wool which can traps and releases moisture. This is helpful to keep your baby warm when it is cool and cool when it is warm.

3.Use It In A Car?

If you travel very often,it is a good idea to get a sleeping bag that has holes or loops for the harness straps. Make sure that it has front and back two-way zips which allows you to feed the five point harness though the bag. This can solves the dilemma whether to make a swift transition from cot to car.

4.Do you want one that you can change the diapers in?

If changing a nappy are something that happens regularly, get yourself a sleeping bag with a zip around the bottom edge and sides. You do not need to undress the baby when you need to put a new clean nappy on.

5.How much to spend. You can get them around £20 to £30. It can be slightly more expensive if you get a bigger size. If you do not want to spend so much money on it, you can get them in discount high street stores for about  £10. However, if you want to invest more on toddler sleeping bag, you can get them in luxury fabrics which can cost you as much as £150.