Important Things You Need To Know About Baby Safety Helmet!

Introduction To Baby Safety Helmet

Baby safety helmet is one of the gear you need to consider when it comes to your baby’s safety. Infants and babies come into this world to seek for their own independence. The first of the two things they want to try to do is to crawl and walk. If you did not know, there are thousands of children and baby injured themselves from falling. Therefore, baby safety helmet is used to protect and prevent your child from any serious injuries. With a baby safety helmet,your babies can protect their head from bumps, cuts and bruises. Besides that, it can ensure your infant or toddler environment a safe place to live in by ensuring the helmet fits your baby’s head size properly.


How A Baby Safety Helmet Can Ensure Your Baby’s Safety

Your baby’s head is free from any dangers of your home by using a proper helmet. With the thickly padded and comfortable to wear helmet which you can simply slide it over your baby’s head and secure the straps,you can let them run freely around your house without worrying. When your infants does eventually fall down, their head will be protected by the thick padding. There might be still be tears but there would not be any physical damage done that can be called a serious injury.

When Does Your Infant Or Toddler Needs It?

To know whether or not they need it, there are two different situation where you find they a safety helmet can be very helpful.

1.Special needs. If your infant are suffering from any of these then it is important that you need it.

  • Epilepsy
  • Hemophilia
  • Balance disorders
  • Seizures

These are the disorders that can cause your infant to involuntarily or voluntarily bump his or her head on the surroundings. It can even save you a single trip to the emergency room just because your infant is wearing it.

2. Babies That Bang Their Head Often. It is almost as if your infant deliberately ran head first into the furniture. Sometimes, your house’s wall and furniture are like a baby’s magnet as if your infant deliberately ran head first into the walls or furniture. If so, you might want to invest in a safety helmet as it can be really useful to save some brain cells later in life. Most of these helmets are rather cheap so you do not have to worry that you have to burn a hole of your wallet. It would not cost you a lot if you find that it is not suitable.

If you made your decision to get it for your toddler or infants, people might judge you especially those who raised their kids without using these helmets will most likely to dismiss you for being over-protective without asking you why your infants have to wear it. Most importantly, you have to ignore them. As a parent, you need to do your best you can for your own children. If you feel they really need it, then go for it!

The Best Baby Safety Helmet

If you really want to protect your baby’s head, you want the best for them. There are so many types of helmets you can get for your infants but which is the best for them? How do you make sure that it is going to be comfortable and protective. You do not want to be stuck with the one that is uncomfortable for them. Therefore, we have concluded the top three helmets for you.

1. Thud guard Baby Protective Safety Helmet

This model is very comfortable and it is made in such a way that it can stretch and grow with your child’s head. Besides that, it is made easy on your child’s neck muscles by making the model out of a light weight material. You will notice how light this model is by holding it for the first time. Other than that, it can help to absorb the impact of the fall to prevent your infants from getting any serious injury. It is the most protective model available as it have large open air vents at the top and it has small circular holes all over. It is able to cushion your baby’s forehead,sides,back and even the top of the head without large air vents.Thud guard Baby Protective Safety Helmet

Therefore,if your home have floors that are made out of hard wood,you do not have to worry about it with this model. It is recommended for children 7 month to 2 years old of age. The baby’s age that is recommended by the manufacturer is from 7 months to 2 years old. You do not need to worry about how thin the foam is because your baby’s head will be protected from even the biggest bump with only half an inch of protective foam.

As mentioned earlier, this is one of the best model you can get to protect your baby’s head. If you are serious about getting this model to protect their head from getting injured,you should not look further. Unfortunately, this model is more expensive if you compared with the other models that are available. However, what is more important, your money or your baby’s safety. If you can afford it, you are most likely to be very happy with your purchase.

No Shock Infant and Toddler HelmetNo Shock Infant and Toddler Helmet

This model is rather cute made for your infant and toddler when they are learning to crawl and walk. It is made from a high tech foam which does not have a padding that is bulky so that your child can be very comfortable wearing it.

Besides that, it also have a cool pad that allows their head to have air to breathe. The age recommended by the manufacture is from 8 months to 20 months.

Baby No Bumps

This model are used for infant or toddlers who just started learning to crawl. It is also very suitable for special needs children who requires extra protection for their head. It is made out of a high tech foam which is light weight and let your child’s head to have some air. The age recommended by this model is from 4 months to 4 years old. It can give you a piece of mind to know that your child is safe. Sometimes,your child may wander in areas of the house which are not safe. Some homes have glass table or sharp corners that they can fall on. With this model, it is a good way to protect them from this problem. This model is very light and it is adjustable as it can fits a head size from 17.72 to 22.8 inches by adjusting a Velcro section on the back of the helmet.

Baby No Bumps

This safety helmet does just that and will definitely prevent your baby from sweating up a storm as the temperatures heat up.

Unfortunately, larger air vents also means less padding. While this set up is fine for most babies, those of you with special needs kids will probably want to go with safety helmet that covers more or your babies head.

The safety helmet is light weight and fits baby heads from 17.72” to 22.8” by adjusting a Velcro section on the back of the helmet. The helmet is secured by ties which kept coming undone when I tied them but it could be that I am just bad with knots.


A safety helmet will not be suitable for every baby, but you cannot deny how incredibly useful they can be in certain situation. Is it a protective cushion or just another piece of baby gear that makes your baby’s head look bigger? What are your thoughts about baby safety helmet.