Can Online Forex Courses Replace Reading Forex Articles?

The problem with the Forex market or any other market for that matter is that there is so much information to consume before trading that most traders skip that part and jump right in, which ultimately leads to losses. Spending the time to read Forex article and take professional Forex trading courses is as important if not more important than placing effective stop losses on your trades.

The Web is overflowing with high quality Forex articles and lord knows, the developers of the Forex courses out there would love to take your money. Now, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the temptation to begin trading as soon as possible, but that will be your first and biggest mistake in your Forex career.

The question then becomes, which one deserves more time, Forex articles or Forex trading courses? The answer in this case, unlike many other areas in Forex, is black and white. You should spend your time reading as many Forex articles as possible and only after you have done that should you consider taking a Forex trading course.

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The following are some reasons Forex articles will prove more effective than Forex courses:

• Price: The Web is filled with great articles. There is no reason you should spend your hard earned money on a Forex trading course when you can read endless articles for free. OK, that was an obvious one.
• Personalized: Some people are more technical than others, some people can relate to fundamentals better than others, each person has their own style. It is for this reason that a trading course might not be as effective as reading Forex articles that speak to you on your personal level.
• Pace: When reading a Forex trading article, you can read it at your own pace, while a Forex trading course is usually given to more than one person, so you have to keep up. Given the above points, there is no reason you should not have the flexibility to learn Forex at your own pace.
• Variety: In terms of topics, a Forex course has its syllabus and whatever topics the instructor decides to teach is what you have to learn. Articles on the other hand, are available on all topics. So if you feel like you are weaker on the topic of technical analysis, you can go ahead and read forex articles on that topic specifically.
• Legitimacy: If you are paying for a Forex course, you never know if you are getting the best value for your money. You might be dealing with a company that wants to steal your money and give you the most basic possible Forex trading course. Reading Forex articles independently on the other hand is freely available and there are no risks involved.

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