Ridiculous Things You Didn’t Know About Baby Security Blanket

Why Your Baby Is Attached To Their Baby Security Blanket?

Baby security blanket can be known as a transitional object. It means that it is an object from a development psychology that is related to those object of affection. The object can be anything from a teddy bear, a clothes or even a diaper.

It is normally used to reduce anxiety and worries by baby and small children. This is because they use this to substitute for their parents. Besides that, the most common names to call these blankets are blankey,lovey or any other names created by the children.

The reason why they are so attached to it is because if they carry along their blankey or lovey with them when they are sleeping or going anywhere else, they will feel a sense of that they are at home and their parents are around them.

Infant Security Blanket Psychology

Baby security blanket is shown and proven that your kid is on the right track for healthy emotional development. Therefore, your kids or infants might even need it more in situations such as when they are ill,when you are not with them, or sleeping in an unfamiliar places.


The blanket has your smell and makes them to think that they are with you and reminded them of their home when they hold them. It does not mean that they are insecure or you did not take good care of them if they hold his baby security blanket near their nose,suck their thumb or even stroke their blanket. In fact, they are trying to comfort themselves which it is a good thing.

Infant may misplaced their infant security blanket. Therefore, you need to contend with a meltdown if that happens. It is vital to realize that it represents an attachment that is so deep that it requires finesse to manage.

Should Parents Be Worried About Their Baby Being Attached To Their Lovey Or Blankey?

As mentioned that it is known as a transitional object, it can benefit infants and children to be able to transition to become more independent. This is because it is tactile reminders of their home. Sometimes, it is possible that parents might be worry about their baby is being too attached to their baby security blanket. As a result of this, parents take away their blankets from them which ended up the children or baby are traumatized to be away from their transitional objects before they are even ready for it.This is bad as it is a natural part of the growing up process.

It is thought that it was a bad thing as it was believed that being insecurely attached which causes to have a security object. Based on recent research, it is shown that infant, baby, or even kids are still attached to the security or comfort object regardless if their bond between their mother is strong or not. Besides that, it is proven that whether the bond or relationship between their mother is strong or not, it is still beneficial for them to have an object which provides them security. As a result, it is found that those who are attached to these stuff tend to adjust better to different situations that can caused them to have unusual anxiety.

Therefore, as a parent, you do not have to worry about your infant,baby, or children to be so attached to it.

Benefits Of Being Attached To Their Security Objects

As they get older, there are various ways and method you can apply to be able to help them to give up or let go their lovey or blankey. The first step is that You can start something easier such as stop letting them to take it out in public. After that, you can limit their time to have their lovey or blankey when they are at home or sleeping. Besides that, you can set a time to spend with them to help them to reduce their reliance on it. As you keep doing this, they would let go and give up on it eventually.

You might be a parent that is concern about the lovey your child is so attached to. In reality, you should not be overly worried about it. The reason behind is that it is shown that kids who like to carry these sorts of transitional objects with them such as lovey or blankey gets to adjust better when they get older. By getting so attached to the object, it will give them the chance to have a focus which will provide relief during events that would give up unusual amount of stress or anxiety.

It is very normal to see an infant that is bond with their mothers in a normal family. Therefore, as the bond between the infant and mother gets stronger, a separation anxiety of the infant would happen if the mother leaves him behind. This can be very difficult for the infant and the mother. If the bond between the infant and child is not good , it can caused insecure attachment. If this happened, you will realized that they do not display much worry when their mother leaves them. Therefore, they will find some comfort in an object which is an transition object.

There is a lot of to be learned about baby security blanket and it’s function that it play in the infant development. However, it is certain that it is still very popular among baby,infants or kids. Therefore, it is unlikely that it is going to change anytime soon.

Interesting Reasons Why You Need A Baby Car Seat Cushion

What is the Purpose of a Baby Car Seat Cushion?

Baby car seat cushion are specially designed to cover the seat of your vehicle to avoid any damage that may come as a result of activities from your child during the travel. They protect your car chairs from damage and your baby from exposure to germs. You have to make sure that the baby car cushion you choose is safe and comfortable for your child.

As a parent, there is nothing that is as important as the comfort and safety of your child. The truth of matter is that parenting is one of the most demanding and strenuous jobs. You can be overwhelmed by some of the messes babies can make especially in a car. Imagine having to clean such messes, and you have to drive from one point to the other. You may be forced to take the seat out of the car to ensure that you thoroughly clean it. Such a cleaning process is hassle free for any person who has a baby car seat cushion.

What Makes a Good Baby Car Seat Cushion?

The market has a broad range of baby car seat cushions. The design varies depending on the design and size of your child car seat. The most critical thing is to ensure that the cushion perfectly fits in the seat of your vehicle. It should also be safe and comfortable for your baby. It’s also good to get something that both you and your child will love. The best quality of material will serve its purpose very well.

Why you Need a Baby Car Seat Cushion?

Several parents use receiving blankets to clean up the messes children cause in the car. The advantage of using baby car seat cushions is that they have a unique design to fit the exact model of baby seats. This unique design allows you to clean the baby car seat cushion with a lot of ease. You can also change the baby car seat cushion any time a need arises. This will keep your baby comfortable and dry throughout the travel.


With the current concern about spreading of illness and germs, using a baby car seat cushion guarantees your child a germ-free seat during each travel. Once the cushion is dirty, you can remove it and clean according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In addition, baby car seat cushions allow you to modify the texture and appearance of the seat.

You will have a delighted child if you change the scenery to adapt a wild design or one that has colorful animals. You can make your baby more comfortable during long trips by adding an extra layer between the baby and the seat. However, you should choose a baby car seat cushion that suits your baby perfectly to avoid any injuries due to improper fits.

The market has a wide range of baby car seat cushions. Therefore, you will not fail to get one that will delight both you and your baby. The price varies depending on the size and design of the baby car seat model. However, those brands that are relatively expensive tend to offer you much when it comes to durability and quality of service.


Things You Need To Know About Using Car Seat Straps

Tips on Using Car Seat Straps Properly

car-seat-strapsUsing car seat straps to strap your baby may look like an easy job, but it is the most common mistakes made on child car seats. The car seat straps are used to restrain your child, and also to absorb energy in case of a collision. Here are some tips and guides on using the straps safely. Please spend some time reading it as it may save your child’s life.

1: Make Sure Shoulder Straps Are in Proper Position
For a baby that is rear-facing, the top of the shoulder straps must be at or below the height of the baby’s shoulders. For a forward-facing baby (not recommended position) the straps should be at or above the height of the shoulders. It is taken perpendicular (at right angle) from the back of the baby car seat and not from the ground. If you are not sure just stick a pen into the slot with your baby properly seated in the seat to check the position.

2: Rear-Facing Is the Responsible Choice
Except if your child has medical issues, they must be placed rear-face until they grow out of the car seat or reach 30 pounds.
A child have to and if possible to be in their rear-facing car seat until the minimum of 2 years or 30 pounds according to the AAP’s improved guidelines. New and cheaper seats are now available which are suitable even for a child up to 40-pound or higher rear-facing limits.
You have to keep your child in the rear-facing seat for a minimum of 2 years or until your child can no longer fit in the baby seat. It is proven that your child will be 500 percent safer in the rear-facing seat.
Since children’s heads are significantly larger compared to their body than an adults and their spines are still soft(cartilage—-not bone) In the case of an accident, their heavier head pulls the weak spine as they are not fuse or harden until around 4 years old, they may be internally decapitated. The cartilage and spinal cord inside their neck snap and they die instantly. Therefore it is imperative that you keep them in rear-facing child seat unless he has a serious medical condition that prevent him from doing so. This scenario is serious so please take note.

3: No Gaps Allowed Between Baby’s Crotch/Groin Area and Harness
This is really an important issue for newborns only. So parents with newborns please take note. There should not be a gap between the crotch and harness buckle. You must roll up a receiving blanket or a simple washcloth and put in in a U shape facing upside-down with the middle between the baby’s crotch and the harness. The rest lying flat between the legs. This will keep the baby snug in the strap.

4: Be Sure the Chest Clip Is Positioned Properly on the Chest
The chest clip should be positioned between the nipples and armpits. In this position the strap will secure your child safely and will prevent him from flying out of the seat. Injuries can occur if the clip is placed anywhere else.

5: Know the Proper Guidelines for Outgrowing a Seat
When a child’s legs touches the seat it doesn’t mean he has grown out of it. Legs touching the seat will not cause the legs to be broken in case of an accident. Even if it do it is better to break something that can be healed than breaking the neck. Your child will be considered to have outgrown his seat when he has reached the limit in weight for that position. Another way to check is the height of his head. It should not be less than half an inch from the top of the seat above the child’s head. You can check this by looking at the perpendicular from the top of the seat to the child’s head. To be sure about whether your child has outgrown his seat is to read the manual for the car seat.

6: Car seat straps Need to Pass “The Pinch Test”
Do not use the old method of putting two fingers under the chest clip because it is not accurate. The strap will be too loose and in case of an accident the child may fly out of the seat, or even get stuck half way and get badly hurt. The new rule is to make sure that the is no slack from the lap-portion by pulling the strap. Then you pinch the strap near the collarbone and if you are able to pinch it then it is considered too loose.

7: Coats Are Not Allowed
Coats are a no-no for a child in the car seat as there are reported cases where the coat is still strap in the car seat strap but the child had been flung out of it. Almost all manufacturers have this warning in their manual as a child is not safe wearing a coat while strapped in. To understand this we can do a little experiment. First strap a child wearing a coat in snugly then you try to carry the child out without loosening the straps. You will be surprised how easily the child can slip out. Now remove the coat and put it on again then you will be surprised again how easily you can slip him back again, coat and all without needing to loosen the straps.
Take off your child’s coat before you strap him in. After you have got him snugly strap in, put on the coat back on them backward. You can also keep some blankets handy in the car for safety and also useful if you are stranded in winter. There is one item that your child would definitely love, that is car seat poncho. There are many variety available and some are pretty colorful.

8: Read the manual
Read the manual before you use your car seat. Make sure the car seat straps are correctly positioned for the particular car seat. This is because every car seat if different. Not one rule fix all. Just spend a few minutes reading it to avoid a lifetime of regrets. You can even find a specific location to keep the manual at the car seat so you can access it easily when you have doubts. If you have misplaced it, you can easily get a new pdf copy online.

9: When in Doubt, Get Help
Here is where you can get help if you have doubts about safety of your child or the proper use of the car seat and car seat straps. Don’t be ashamed if you don’t know ASK. After all your child’s safety is paramount importance.

Best Way To Keep Your Car Seat and Car Seat Straps Clean

1. Do not delay: Once the seat is soil you must get to it as soon as possible. The longer you leave it, the harder for you to get it cleaned. You may even have to replace the car seat which you can barely afford so don’t be tempted to delay cleaning it.
2. Remove gross matter first: Any gross matter should be wiped off using a baby wipe and pick off any gross matter without rubbing, scrubbing or using a cleaning agent.
3. Cleaning the harness: The car seat straps or harness can be cleaned by using a soft cloth and cold water. Only use a gentle soap if you cannot get the stain out by using water.
4. Cleaning the buckle: The buckle can be cleaned by inverting it in a cup of tap water and swish it around to dislodge any foreign matter trapped in the mechanism. When done, wipe it dry.
5. Sun and fresh air can help: Remove the harness and put it in the sun for a few hours to get rid of any smell or odor.
6. Rinse and repeat if necessary: If you cannot get the stain or odor out you may want to call the manufacturer to ask if you can purchase a replacement. Normally you can buy a replacement for your model because manufacturer understand that the harness will get into all types of misadventure.
7.Never ever place the car seat strap in the washing machine: This will cause the strap to lose its stretching capability which helps it to protect and restrain the child in case of an accident. All the spinning will make it sparkling clean but the washing machine will prematurely pull all the stretch out of the strap making it hard and unforgiving when in use.
8. Do Not use abrasive to clean the car seat straps: The steel wool will chew up the delicate fibers and it will lose its strength and will not be able to retrain your baby in case of an accident.
9. Do not use harsh soap: Always use soap permitted by the manufacturer in cleaning the strap. Always use a gentle soap. How do you define gentle soap? Any soap with pH near neutral will be gentle enough to use safely on your car seat strap.

Car Seat Travel Bag Makes Travelling With Your Baby Easier!

Flying With A Car Seat Travel Bag


Car seat travel bag can help you travel travel easier. It is lucky for a parent who does not have to travel by plane with a young child or baby. Some of us might use up every last inch of space we have, stuffing it with items that we needed such as baby socks, carabiners, hair ties that might get thrown out at the end of the day. If you have a trip on a plane alone and a small child is there. He or she might be standing on their parent’s lap, screaming,crying , waving at random strangers who waved at them once. It is hard to even trying to get some rest if that happens.

It is normal that baby to want to move around and explore even if their parents are holding them. Parents can provide a safe place for their baby everywhere except in a vehicle that is moving especially in an airplane. The majority of us who have traveled with baby and car seats might realized that our babies are behaving better in their car seat as they will feel that it is a safe pods for them. If you use a car seat on a plane, it can protect your baby against turbulence and against any runway incidents which include aborted takeoffs and landings,overshots.Even things like coke cans are needed to be secured during flight if you think about it. Our kids deserve the same as well.

Tips On Travelling With A Travel Car Seat Bag

1.Do Not Rent 

The cost of renting a child car seats is can be one of the most frustrating aspects while travelling oversea with your baby. It is often to see that the price to hire a car seat for a two weeks holiday can exceed the price of purchasing the car seat itself.

Hire car companies do know that parents do not have much choices but to pay unless they brought their own car seats.Therefore, the profit margin for hiring a child car seats is huge. There is no option but to bite the bullet and pay for these charges.The only alternative to have is to take the car seats on flight which is quite difficult as it is kind of heavy and bulky. It can be difficult to manage two strollers, your hold and hand luggage without having to carry two baby car seat. This problem can be solved by having a travel car seat bag.

2. Don’t Bring It

If you are going to a city, you do not need to bring a baby car seat by using a public transport. It is not required to use it on buses or trains. This is because learning a train or subway map could be fun for kids.

3. Get your car seat through airport

It is normal that parents do everything they can to get it through the airport. You can get a purposely built travel car seat that coverts your car seat into a stroller if you travel frequently. The other way is to strap it to a suitcase, or lengthen the straps, and you can wear it like a backpack. One parent board in first to install the car seat and allow the other parent and the child to board just before the door is closed when it is time to board.

4. Check Your Car Seat With Care

You must never rely on baggage handlers to treat your car seat with car. It is easily lifted and toss, often treated as oversized baggage. It is possible that it is left on a rainy jetway as items. One of the best way to save your car seat travel bag is to gate check it as most of the airlines will return it to you at the destination gate. YOu might want to ensure that your car seat is protected properly before you check it. It is a good idea packing it back in the original car seat box but majority of the people do not have it on hand. If space is allowed, look for a water-resistant bag and pad the seat with soft items. It can help to protect your car seat from rain.

Who Needs a Car Seat Travel Bag?

The answer to this is simple. This is for anyone who wants to use a car seat while travelling and avoid being charged by car hire companies who charge for renting baby car seats. There are so many types of car seat travel bags on the market today. You do not have to worry or confused which to purchased because we have listed one of the best car seat travel on the market today.

Best Car Seat Travel Bag

Based on our opinions and survey, we believed that J.L. Childress Ultimate Car Seat Travel Bag is one of the best car seat travel bag in the market.

J.L. Childress Ultimate Car Seat Travel Bag


This car seat travel bags is the only one that has thick padding on all sides and additional padded inside which protects your car seat when checked. It can also be used as a backpack which means your hands are free to roll suitcases,push a stroller and so on. This car seat travel bag is so great as it can fit in most car and booster seats.This includes brands like Peg Perego,Evenflo,Century, Baby trend, Cosco, and all Britax car seats. One of the benefits of choosing this car seat travel bag is that you can continue to use it when you change car seats.

The key features of J.L. Childress Ultimate Car Seat Travel Bag is that it is padded,backpack straps that is adjustable which is comfortable to carry it. Also, it is water resistant which means you do not have to worry about the rain or moisture and you can clean it easily.

It gets great user reviews. The only negative comments about this product is that the fabric is a little bit too flimsy which is not a big deal. You will be able to save a lot of money because you do not have to waste it on hiring car seats or getting your car or booster seats getting damaged in transit.

Baby Car Mirror is a Must Have!

Is Baby Car Mirror Important?

Baby car mirror is something important to have if you often use a baby car seat. By having a baby car mirror you can keep an eye on your child at all times while driving and this will have a calming effect on you, knowing the child is safe. It is natural for the parent to worry about the safety of their child, regardless of the time. You have the desire to know what your child is doing in the back seat and to know that they are safe while you are driving. By having a baby car mirror you can do just that and not turning your head and your attention from driving to look at your baby. This is a very safe way to multi-task in this fast pace world.


This handy car seat mirror will allow you to multi-task safely even though it is not a high tech gadget.It let you concentrate on your driving and keep your eyes on the road while you have a precious passenger on board that is your precious baby. This low tech but innovative product will let you keep an occasional eye on your precious passenger that is the baby car seat mirror. Babies from the first to 12 months are recommended to be sitting in the rear facing car seat.

Once the baby is in the rear-facing car seat you cannot keep an eye on him. The car seat mirror is a vital piece of gadget to help you keep an eye on him and thus reduce your anxiety about his safety. This is because the rear view mirror is not in line with the position your baby is in. You may be tempted to adjust your rear view mirror to look at your baby but this is not practical as you need the rear view mirror to see what is going on behind you while you drive. It is also very inconvenient.

By having a baby car mirror you need not worry whether his blanket is getting too close to his face or something or other is going wrong. You may find quietness or silence  from your baby to be alarming. Even if your baby is in the front-facing seat you cannot be turning your head to look at him. A glance in the baby car mirror will solve all your worries. Once the mirror is aligned properly you can see his reflection and therefore you can concentrate on your driving, keeping both you and the baby safe.

Baby Mirror For Car Safety

Many baby blogs are written about whether parents should get a baby car mirror, many are confused about its usefulness. Some not well informed people even says it poses a safety hazard as in the case of an accident and some says that it causes a distraction to the driver. All these depends on the user. Every product got its pros and cons. You may even say a rear view mirror is a distraction since you will be taking your eyes off the road to look in the mirror. Not knowing what is going on with the baby in the rear-facing seat will be a greater distraction to the driver as compared to an occasional glance. You can take a glance at the baby when the situation is not so critical as while waiting for the lights to turn green or when the road is clear. This will greatly take the tension off the driver and thus making driving safer.

With every factors taken into consideration, we must say that the pros outweigh the cons significantly. A well placed baby car mirror will not become a distraction in the car.

Don’t take the risk. We have read in the papers of babies suffocating or choked to death in their own vomit or suffocation by blankets.Should we take the risk? Is it worth it? A simple gadget will keep your baby safety. Like the saying goes, It is better safe than sorry.

A baby mirror is affordable, baby friendly and very easy to install, therefore it is imperative that every parents with young babies should have one installed especially if they use rear-facing seat.

Moreover, not knowing if your child is safe or why they are too quiet or why they stop laughing or making funny noises will totally distract a driver and cause panic and anxiety. By having a simple baby car mirror will save you all the unnecessary mental torture. All these distractions can cause serious accidents. So, by installing an infant car mirror will save you, your child and other innocent road users from more trouble than by not installing one. It will definitely make you a better and more alert parent in addressing and identifying discomfort in your child.

Best Baby Car Mirror

Car seat mirrors have gain popularity lately. A few years ago there were just a few models available but now you can find hundreds of models of all shapes and sizes.

As there are many types of baby car mirror available and making decision difficult. Here are the list of 3 Best Baby Car Mirror available in the market.

1.Britax Baby Car Mirror


Top of the list is a model made by Britax. Britax comes in an extra-large convex mirror that swivel so you can keep your baby in view at all angles. It is protected around the edges in a soft frame and it is well made modern looking design.

It is attached to the head rest with two very strong straps. You need to clip one set on the top and the other set on the side, then pull up any slack to make a snug fit. Since it does not use Velcro or suction cups, you are ensured of a strong hold.

Many users are surprised at how easy it is to position and turn so that you can keep the baby fully in view. Some users complained that the mirror may droop downward and need to be adjusted often, this is probably due to the incorrect installation to begin with.

Feedbacks from users are positive and there is no issue of it going out of place. It has been used in sedan and SUV with no problem. You just need to make sure that it is securely fixed and with a large platform to which the mirror is attached it will steadies it and easily holds it in place.

It is also very easy to clean and with its modern design will never look out of place in your car’s decor. It is modern, chic, effective and affordable baby car mirror. Just go for it.

2.Cozy Greens Baby Car Mirror

Cozy Greens Baby Car Mirror

Cozy Greens attention to details is its strength against bigger brands. It uses safe and impact-resistant glass, making it a strong reliable mirror to be used in a car.

The straps are made of nylon and are very tough. You can instal it within a minute as the instructions are clear and it is  very user friendly.

The mirror is not the biggest on the market but it does the job real fine. The curvature is perfect for the job. It gives you a clear view of the back seat.

With crystal clear view, it is almost like having a baby monitor in your car. No more turning your head to glance at your baby.

Cozy Greens will always stay securely in place even if you go over a bump or hit a pothole. If you need something small and still does it job then go for this baby car mirror.

3.Baby & Mom Rear View Baby Mirror

.Baby & Mom Rear View Baby Mirror

It is priced much less than the Cozy Green mirror, but the mirror design is very similar.

It is attached to the headrest and with the extra wide angle you can view your baby fully.

It is lightweight and with sturdy plastic casing that holds the mirror. It is easy to set up. The mirror is made of shatter-proof glass and can be adjusted to all angles.

Strong straps are used instead of suction cups to hold it in place.

Many users are happy with it as it is comparable to more expensive models. The only setback it doesn’t come with a lifetime guarantee or a cleaning cloth. But it does give you a 30 day money back guarantee.

This mirror is highly recommended for moms who are having twins. It is affordable so you can have a mirror for each twin.

Car Seat Head Support Is What Your Baby Needs!

Why Your Baby Needs A Car Seat Head Support?

Car seat head support is needed if you have a baby car seat. This is because Infants do not have adequate neck muscle strength to be able to control their heads up and maintain airway flow.There is a tendency that their head to flop to the sides and forward when travelling in a stroller, car seat, stroller,swings or even during diaper changing.

With the help of a car seat head support, your baby’s head is well supported and keep him or her comfortable, and prevent the head to flop to the sides or forward that will cause harmful positions,and any types of injuries.

Car seat head support is very simple to use, simple in terms of design. Most importantly, your baby will love it. You can provide your baby with crucial neck support with it when you can hold and support your baby by yourself.  


Benefits and Advantages Of The Infant Car Seat Head Supportcar seat head support

Have you seen an infant’s head slumped over in an unsupported position? If so, you do not need to worry about that with the help of a car seat head support, your baby will be more comfortable with it. Regardless of whether your baby is awake or sleeping, the infant car seat head support is able to maintain his or her neck in the proper position which is comfortably in the center,with the baby’s head supported on the sides.

The baby car seat head support pillow will make a great and affordable shower gift!

The pillow is used to support and wrap around the baby’s neck. It cradles both the baby’s head and neck with comfort and support. The awesome design uses side wings which would rest on the infant’s shoulders. This is designed to provide the structural support that is necessary to support a baby.

This solid design employed by the baby neck support makes it a good travel companion that is foldable and placed in your diaper bag or pocketbook.

What Are the Injuries When an Infant’s Head Isn’t Supported

As you all know, a baby is born with extremely weak muscles in the neck which means that the baby has very little ability to control his or her head. Therefore, it is very important that parents to support their baby’s delicate area until he or she develops the strength over the year to support their own heads.

While normal interaction will not cause any damage, it is possible that injuries can occur when a baby’s head when it is not properly supported. It may lead to severe consequences while some can last for a lifetime. Therefore, supporting your baby’s head should be something to be taken seriously.

Brain Damage

Brain damage can happen when an infant suffers from acute head trauma. This is commonly known as shaken baby syndrome.

A baby’s brain cells can be destroyed and prevents his or her brain from getting sufficient oxygen by this syndrome. Shaken baby syndrome can happen in the form of child abuse that can result in permanent brain damage or even death.

Based on studies shown that, a long-term brain damage can happen after only twenty seconds of shaking without any support to the head. This is due to the movement causes the baby’s brain to move back and forth within the skull.

Torn tissues ,blood vessels and nerves are the result , as are development brain delays such as learning disabilities, memory problems or even severe mental retardation.


Parents are warned against the use of sling-style carriers to carry their infants by Consumer Product Safety Commission. Statistic have shown that at least fourteen deaths over the past twenty years that is related to these slings. This is the result of improper head support which causes the baby’s head to fold forward. This position can cut off the airway of these children which causes suffocation.

Based on CBS News, baby that is born prematurely, in fragile health or at low birth weights might be at additional risk. Therefore, getting yourself a proper baby car head support for your baby is crucial. However, if parents really wanted to use a sling as carrier, they should consider to wait until the child has stronger head control first.

Why Is It Important To Support A Baby’s Neck

Baby do have such weak necks that they required proper support while being held. The question that is frequently asked is that “what are we trying to protect in supporting the head or neck?

The reason you want to support the baby’s neck and head is to prevent the head from moving in an uncontrolled way which may cause damage to the brain.

  1. Neck support is crucial as it prevents any cervical related injury. For example, if the neck is tilted to one side and a sudden muscle spasm pulls the head in the opposite direction.  This will cause the baby to pull a muscle.
  1. Head support might be just a way to stabilize baby to make himself easier to hold and less prone to”jumping” out of one’s arms.

How To Support Your Baby’s Head

As mentioned before, it is very important to support your baby’s head. All new parents are afraid that they might somehow break baby when they bring home that tiny, floppy, and fragile-looking baby from the hospital. Anyone who says otherwise is putting on a good show of confidence. So, you do not need to worry as you are not alone.

1.Getting yourself a car seat head support if you have a baby car seat. It is a good idea to have a car seat head support to maintain your baby’s head from turning side to side or even flopping around into bad and dangerous positions.

2.Support the infant’s head using one arm and support its bottom with the other. A newborn’s head is one of the heaviest part of their body. Therefore, it requires proper and careful support of a baby’s head. It is easier to do this if you carry him up with one hand on his head,neck,spine and the other hand tucked under his or her bottom for support.

3.Purchase a car seat head support, if you are using a baby car seat, it is a good idea to have a car seat head support under the baby’s head to maintain and support the baby head from turning side to side or flopping around into dangerous positions. You do not have to worry if you touch those fontanels (soft spots) on his head. This is because it is well protected by a sturdy membrane. Besides that, do not fret if your baby’s noggin flops back and forth a little while you are trying to move him or her- it won’t hurt him but never shake your infant’s head because it is very dangerous.


Infant Car Seat Blanket Can Keep Your Baby Warm And Happy!

Why You Need An Infant Car Seat Blanket

If you have an infant car seat, it is a good idea to get a infant car seat blanket as well to make sure your baby stays warm and happy. It is not recommend that your baby wear clothes that are thick or thick coats under harnesses when sitting in a baby car seat. This is because the harness would not be as secure as it should be. Therefore, it is a good idea to get yourself an infant car seat blanket because it is specifically designed to be use in a car seat. After all, safety comes first.

infant car seat blanket

Which Infant Car Seat Blanket Is The Best?

There are so many types of infant car seat blanket available in the market today. You might be clueless of which one to choose from. Here are the Top 5 best infant car seat blanket we recommended

1. Snugglebundl baby blanket

Snugglebundl baby blanket

With this design with handles, you are able to carry your baby out of the car seat without bothering them while holding them in a supportive way. It is also safe to wear. This is because the harness sits under the blanket.

It is made out of 100% soft cotton. They come in many types of designs that is gorgeous. This product is designed for newborn with the age range of 6months old.

2. Cocoon Car Seat Blanket

Cocoon Car Seat Blanket

This product is able to fit in all 3-prong car seat. Besides that, it can also be used in a buggy which is what made it so special. It comes in different types of coloured lovely fleecy linings and it is totally machine washable. This product is designed for newborn with the age range of 3 months old.

3. Wallaboo Baby Blanket

Wallaboo Baby Blanket

This infant car seat blanket is suitable for a stroller, car seat or even play mat. It can keep your baby toasty from head to toe.It is made out of 100% cotton double layer and comes with variety of colours. It is machine washable.

4. Bobono Car Seat Blanket

Bobono Car Seat Blanket

This blankets are specifically designed and it is suitable for 3 and 5 point car seat harnesses. It is made out of plush cuddle fabric that will make your baby super cosy and warm. It is suitable for baby up to the age of 12months.

 5. Bug In A Rug Car Seat Blanket

Bug In A Rug Car Seat Blanket

This blanket is slightly different compared from the others which it is a split leg design. This product is made out of lightweight fleece. It is suitable to be used in a car seat ,buggy or sling. This product is designed for newborn with the age range up to 12 months old.




Things You Should Know About Baby Car Seat Covers

What Is Baby Car Seat Covers?Is It Essential?

Baby car seat covers maintains both your baby and vehicle protected when using a safety seat. It protects your baby as you transport them from one place to another in their safety seat company .It is like a “shower cap” that sits over your baby car seat. Your baby will be safe and sound, and will leave you focus about the more important stuff.

Different Sorts Of Baby Car Seat Covers

There are 4 different sorts that are available in the market. In order to choose the appropriate one for you,it will entirely depends on the season and the place you live in.

Summer Infant Car Seat Cover

Summer Infant Car Seat Cover

When there is summer,you should try this.With heat comes with sunburn and sweat. This will make your baby to be very uncomfortable. Sunburn and sweat will make your baby super uncomfortable baby.
By using it, it can help prevent the sun from burning your baby’s sensitive skin and allow air to be able to circulate freely. This can prevent your baby from overheating.
What makes it special is that it must be made out of cotton.This is because cotton is a breathable material that is able to block the sun rays.There are summer covers that include mesh air vents.This allows cool air to flow freely.

Winter Baby Car Seat Covers

 winter baby car seat covers


It is made out of thick material to be able to trap warmth.Therefore,no matter how cold it is,your baby will be still feel warm.
The material should be thick enough so that it can trap enough heat but still breathable. There are some that offers a window that you are able to check on your baby.

Wet Weather Baby Car Seat Covers

Wet Weather Baby Car Seat Covers

What is wet weather baby car seat covers? If you have juggled a baby car seat with an umbrella, you or your baby will get wet at the end of the result. Being a parent that you are ,you will most likely to be the wet one. In this condition,a wet weather baby car seat covers is the best option here.
A good wet weather baby car seat cover will be act as a rain shield. It will prevent your baby from the rain while the weather is bad.
The things to look for is that is able to install easily without needing to leave gaps that allow water to leak into the car seat. Wet weather baby car seat cover that are cheaper will be made out of plastic.
It will keep your baby dry,but you should remove it as you are indoors .this prevents your baby from overheating. The air holes of the baby care seat covers are enough to be able to keep your baby cool outdoors.

Insect Net Baby Car Seat Covers

Insect Net Baby Car Seat Covers

Looking for insect net baby car seat covers? This baby car seat cover has nothing to do with the weather. Instead, this baby car seat covers is to prevent insects from your baby. If there is a lot of mosquitoes in the area you live in getting a insect net baby car seat covers is the right choice.All you need to do is to slide the cove rover the baby car seat and your baby will be protected from those bug bites.

Factors To Choose Your Baby Car Seat Covers

Factors To Choose Your Baby Car Seat Covers

What are the factors to choose your baby car seat covers? A few factors that actually determined what type of baby car seat covers that is suitable for you. Baby car seat covers are made with gaps for the harness straps,which have to be in the right places to correspond with the design of the baby car seat.
Baby car seat covers are manufactured to fit neatly onto the shell ,without reducing the space for your baby to move around and interfering the harness. Also, it is essential to refit the harness strap lengths, once you decided to change a new baby seat cover.
If you find that your baby harnesses is either too tight or lose, it wll become a risk for your baby’s safety. When you are purchasing your baby car seat covers, it is important to have your baby car seat with you to know what which exact model you own. This is because there are some covers that are not able to fit in all types of baby restraint harnesses although most designs are able to fit in most baby car seat.

Make Sure That Your Baby Car Seat Covers Is Not Too Bulky

It is vital to make sure your baby car seat covers is not too bulky that it interrupts with the safety features of the baby car seat.
The straps must be refitted after fitting a new baby car seat covers, as they will need some small adjustment to make sure that the baby is safely secure in the seat without too much room for movement.

Fitting Your Baby Car Seat Covers

You should always fitting your baby car seat covers properly. Also, you can usually get help from a store attendant to check this before you buy.
There will be some stores will let you unwrap the cover and try it on your baby seat before you purchase it. It is vital that you buy a properly fitting baby car seat cover and one which serves your needs.

Choose A Cover That Meet Your Requirements.

Do you know how to choose a cover that meet your requirements? Because there are so many different types of baby car seat covers available, it is important to choose one the right one.
If you live in a hot climate you may want a baby car seat covers set that will protect the baby from the sun. Some covers come with handy pockets for baby bottles and pacifiers and others are just plain covers.

How Often To Wash The Covers

It can get dirty after using it for sometime.  It gets dirty as it can protect your seat from getting dirty and damage. It is a good idea to wash it once in a while. So, here is how you wash it

  1. In order to wash it, remove the cover first. To remove it, follow the user guide which shows you how to remove and replace the cover.
  2. You must hand-wash with cold water and soap. Do not use washing machine to wash it.
  3. To dry it, lie it flat to prevent it from shrinking and never use machine to dry or even iron the cover.